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RED 172
Ennio Morricone - Corleone

CD digipack
UPC: 8013252017223
1977 movie directed by Pasquale Squitieri and set in Corleone, Sicily during the 1950s, two childhood friends, Michele Labruzzo and Vito Gargano, have chosen opposite roads in life. Michele is now a leader of the farmers movement and its quest to free the land from the iron fist of the nobility and the mafia (represented by Baron Miceli and local mafia boss Don Giusto Provenzano), while Vito is the trusted “yes-man” of Don Provenzano, and eventually vows to kill Michele in exchange for control over the Baron s lands. While this may not be one of Morricone s better-known soundtracks, it is nonetheless top-drawer Morricone who does not waste a note in turning this film into an epic tale of good vs. evil. By now already more than a decade into his career, the Maestro had already written dozens of soundtracks and established himself as one of the best-known and most talented film composers in the world, a title he maintains to this day. Track listing – 1. Addio A Palermo 2. Corleone 3. Una Voce Dal Carcere 4. Rivolta Popolare 5. Addio Al Figlio 6. Corleone 7. Cospirazione 8. In Tribunale 9. Alla Donna 10. Cassandra 11. Una Voce Dal Carcere 12. Celebrazione E Colazione 13. Addio A Palermo 14. Cospirazione 15. Corleone 16. Una Voce Dal Carcere 17. Addio A Palermo 18. Cospirazione 19. In Tribunale 20. Una Voce Dal Carcere 21. Addio A Palermo 22. Corleone (Jazz Source Music)


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