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LR 130
THE CURE – Three Imaginary Boys

format: LP 180 gram 
UPC: 8013252913013 (LP) 8013252913020 (CD)
The undisputed leaders of the early gothic scene, and a seminal band that contributed to the rise of British post-punk, the Cure recorded their debut album Three Imaginary Boys at London s Morgan Studios and released it on May 8, 1979. After touring for almost all of 1977, the band changed their name to The Cure and rearranged their line-up with the sacking of Porl Thompson, giving birth to an unusual power trio. This line-up lasted only for their first album, making it unique in its essentially minimal sound. The year was now 1978, and the three (imaginary?) boys soon signed to Chris Parry s Fiction Label. What you hold in your hands is the faithful re-release of the original UK pressing. After this issue, the album was released in the US with a different title (Boys Don t Cry – from one of the band s best selling singles) and a slightly different track listing. Track listing – Side A: 1.10.15 Saturday Night 2.Accuracy 3. Grinding Halt 4. Another Day 5. Object 6. Subway Song Side B: 1. Foxy Lady 2. Meat Hook 3.So What 4. Fire In Cairo 5.It s Not You 6.Three Imaginary Boys


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