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MAGNA CARTA Live In Bergen

Format: 180 gram LP

Barcode: 889397900670

Despite being one of the greatest and longest running British folk bands of all time, Chris Simpson s Magna Carta has kept a relatively low profile compared to the various bands its members -like Rick Wakeman (Yes), Pick Withers (Dire Straits), and Davey Johnstone (Elton John) - have gone on to form. By the time this concert was recorded live in Norway in 1978, Magna Carta had already been together for nearly a decade. Here, with the help of an exceptional lineup - featuring Tom Hoy on vocals, Robin Thyne on percussion, Tom McConville on fiddle, and Lee Abbott on bass - Simpson creates a magic atmosphere, and listening to these impeccably crafted songs it is easy to hear why Magna Carta have kept on going while so many of their contemporaries have just faded away. An absolute masterpiece, finally back on vinyl!

Track listing - Side A: 1. No Place To Sleep 2. Idle Wind 3. Midwinter 4. In Tomorrow 5. Fragments 6. Young Wackford s Rant (Instrumental) 7. C Est La Vie Side B: 1. Dinks Song 2. Nothing So Bad (It Can Get Better) 3. All My Blues 4. Love Of The Ages (suite) 5. Forever (reprise)


: 45


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