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THE DAMNED – Nasty Damned

Format: 180 gram LP / CD digipack

EAN: 8013252915222 (CD) / 8013252915215 (LP)

When it comes to the Damned, people just can t control their wallets and rightfully so because everything about this truly seminal punk band (think about Vanian and Captain Sensible s wardrobe) contains the genes of future developments in pop music. Therefore it is pure ear satisfaction as you get to listen to the band as punk as ever, and with a hint of new wave style in the 1982 live tracks featured. CD contains 2 bonus tracks

Track Listing - Side A: 1. Love Song (Demo) 2. I Just Can t Be Happy Today (Demo) 3. Thanks For The Night 4. Nasty 5. Do The Blitz 6. Stab Your Back (Live 77) 7. You Know (Live 77) Side B: 1. Idiot Box (Live 77) 2. Stranger On The Town (Live 82) 3. Happy Talk (Live 82) 4. Curtain Call (Live 82) Bonus CD tracks: 12 . No Fun (Live 1979) 13. Smash it Up


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