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CAETANO VELOSO Revolucao (1968-1972)

Format: 180 gram 4LP box set
Barcode: 8013252940316
The albums that brought in a new era called Tropicalia, a 1960s musical and political movement that sought to bring bossa nova into the future with the help of acid-fuelled psychedelia and political protest lyricsall this through the hearts and guitars of a few left-wing student protesters / musicians based in Rio De Janeiro including a young musician named Caetano. His musical protests soon got the attention of Brazil s military dictator, causing him to be thrown into jail and eventually forcing him to leave the country for a brief period, but by that time the Tropicalia movement had already exploded and the groundwork for much of contemporary Brazilian music had already been laid. The four albums collected here: Tropicalia, Irene, A Little More Blue and Araca Azul straddle this tumultuous time in Caetano s life, with A Little More Blue being recorded while he was in exile in England. Caetano fortunately soon returned home in triumph, going on to become one of the most significant singer / songwriters of the 20th century. Tracks Disc 1: Tropicalia 1. Tropicalia 2. Clarice 3. No Dia Em Que Eu Vim-me Embora 4. Alegria, Alegria 5. Onde Andaras 6. Anunciacao 7. Superbacana 8. Paisage Util 9. Clara 10. Soy Loco Por Ti America 11. Ave Maria 12. Eles Disc 2: Irene 1. Irene 2. The Empty Boat 3. Marinheiro So 4. Lost in the Paradise 5. Atras Do Trio Eletrico 6. Os Argonautas 7. Carolina 8. Cambalache 9. Nao Identificado 10.Chuvas de Verao 11. Acrilírico 12. Alfomega Disc 3: A Little More Blue 1. A Little More Blue 2. London, London 3. Maria Bethania 4. If You Hold a Stone 5. Shoot Me Dead 6. In the Hot Sun of a Christmas Day 7. Asa Branca Disc 4: Araca Azul 1.Viola, Meu Bem 2. De Conversa, Cravo e Canela 3. Tu Me Acostumbraste 4. Gilberto Misterioso 5. De Palavra Em Palavra 6. De Cara 7. Sugar Cane Fields Forever 8. Julia / Moreno 9. Epico 10. Araca Azul


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