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TUXEDOMOON - Ten Years In One Night (Live)

Format: 180 gram 2LP with printed inner sleeves

Barcode: 889397007126

Originally released in 1989 to celebrate the band s 10 year anniversary, this 2LP set, taken from various live performances throughout Europe and Japan from 1985-1988, is a kind of best of, looking back to the band s very beginnings as pioneers of the American post-punk scene, through to their eventual genre-defying evolution into full-fledged members of the international electronic / experimental scene by 1988. The track listing goes all the way back to the band s first singles (1978 s Pinheads on the Move and 1979 s No Tears), to a time when Tuxedomoon was in the habit of leading the avant-garde on both American coasts: from San Francisco s post-punk scene and NY s no wave. Soon after the release of 1981 s Desire, having tired of California über alles and Ronald Reagan, the band decided to leave the States for the more experimental pastures of Northern Europe. During this time the band released a series of discs on the Belgian-based Cramboy, proving themselves equally able to blaze trails in Europe as well. From this period come some of their most successful albums to date, including 1985 s Holy Wars from which we have In A Manner of Speaking and 1986 s Ship Of Fools from which we hear Reedin Rightin Rhythmatic . Right around the time of this album s release, Tuxedomoon went on a 15-year recording hiatus, reuniting again to release 2004 s brilliant Cabin In The Sky and eventually coming full circle by traveling together to record in their hometown of San Francisco.

Tracks - Side A: 1. Michael s Theme 2. Burning Trumpet 3. Reedin - Rightin - Rhythmatic 4. The Waltz 5. In A Manner Of Speaking Side B: 1. The Cage 2. Everything You Want 3. Dark Companion 4. Courante Marocaine Side C: 1. Lightbulb Overkill 2. Desire 3. In The Name Talent (Italian Western II) 4. Nervous Guy Side D: 1. Pinheads On The Move 2. No Tears 3. In Heaven 4. Nazca

Line-up includes: Blaine Reininger, Bruce Geduldig, Ivan Georgiev, Luc Van Lieshout, Paul Zahl, Peter Principle, Steven Brown, Winston Tong,


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