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CREAM Waiting So Long: The Ultimate Collector s Box Set

Format: 180 gram 4LP special editions colored vinyl /picture disc box set
Barcode: 8013252940118
When the band formed in 1966, Eric Clapton was already fairly well known, having performed and recorded with the Yardbirds and John Mayalls Bluesbreakers, but it wasn t until Cream that Clapton became a global superstar. Breaking free of the traditional rock & roll song structure for a more improvisational / jazz influenced take, the band s long jams gave birth to a whole new approach to rock music. When their debut album, Fresh Cream, was released in 1966 it immediately became the standard by which all other bands of the era were judged. They went on to release three more groundbreaking albums before their disbanding in 1969. Don t miss your chance to get these amazing collectors editions of three of the four official Cream studio albums in one vinyl box set. The set includes Fresh Cream on clear red vinyl, Wheels of Fire (studio) on white vinyl and Wheels of Fire (Live) on white vinyl and Goodbye on picture disc. Tracks Disc 1: Fresh Cream 1. N.S.U. 2. Sleepy Time Time 3. Dreaming 4. Sweet Wine 5. Spoonful 6.Wrapping Paper 7.Cat s Squirrel 8. Four Until Late 9.The Coffee Song 10. Rollin  And Tumblin  11. I m So Glad 12. Toad Disc 2: Wheels Of Fire [Studio] 1.White Room 2. Sitting On Top Of The World 3. Passing The Time 4. As You Said 5. Pressed Rat And Warthog 6.Politician 7.Those Were The Days 8. Born Under A Bad Sign 9. Deserted Cities Of The Heart Disc 3: Wheels Of Fire [Live] 1. Crossroads 2.Spoonful 3. Traintime 4. Toad Disc 4: Goodbye [Live] 1. I m So Glad 2. Politician 3. Sitting On Top Of The World [Studio] 4. Badge 5. Doing That Scrapyard Thing 6. What A Bringdown


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