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LR 140
CREAM - Disraeli Gears

format: embossed cover 180 gram LP
UPC -  LP: 8013252914010
What can really be said that hasn’t been said already about THE quintessential power trio /supergroup of the late Sixties? So let us just be content to pay tribute to this seminal hard rock ensemble of geniuses with a newer version of their second and most acclaimed album, Disraeli Gears (1967) where Bruce, Clapton and Baker reach immense peaks in inspiration and technique. Our version features a 180 gram virgin vinyl LP with an embossed cover – now you can feel the angel! – and a special 3D effect jacket for the CD release. Track listing - Side A: 1. Strange Brew 2. Sunshine Of Your love 3. World Of Pain 4. Dance The Night Away 5. Blue Condition Side B: 1. Tales Of Brave Ulysses 2. Swlabr 3. We re Going Wrong 4. Outside Woman Blues 5. Take It Back 6. Mother’s Lament


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