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Format: 180 gram yellow vinyl LP

Barcode: 8013252915512

We are happy to announce the release that we have all been waiting for: Claudine s last album, "Sugar Me", previously only released in Japan on CD, now on vinyl!
The "Sugar Me" album has a long history. It originally should have been released as Claudine s third album for Andy Williams  Barnaby Records label in 1974, but it was shelved, due to Claudine s waning popularity as a singer. Her first two albums, released on Barnaby at the beginning of 70s, were perfect examples of easy listening pop music, but did not sell in the age of rock music.

A small independent label, Century Records, reissued these two albums in 1993, and a few other tracks were discovered. The original master tapes of the album unfortunately were lost, but the missing tracks were replaced by some previously unreleased tracks and some unfinished studio outtakes that were discovered in the Barnaby archives.
The track list is the same as the CD version, but the vinyl release will have 2 bonus tracks from her 1971 single "Canta En Espanol", placed at the end of each side. These two tracks were newly mastered and sound significantly better (and are even a bit longer) than on a previous release. Please note that there will be no CD version this time — only vinyl. The first 1000 copies will be pressed on high quality transparent yellow virgin vinyl, so be quick to get your first pressing copy.
Featuring original artwork, lyrics and rare pictures.

TracklistSide A: 1. Anytime Of The Year 2. Guess Who I Saw In Paris 3.You Don t Have To Be A Baby To Cry 4. With Wings 5.All Alone Am I 6.Who Broke Your Heart And Made You Write That Song 7.Como La Luna Side B: 1. Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye 2.Every Beat Of My Heart 3.Sugar Me 4.You Set My Dreams To Music 5.I Cannot Love You 6.If You Walked Away 7.Mucho Tiempo Mas


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