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Format: 180 gram LP

Cat. No.: 900557

Barcode: 889397900557

Yes, who else? Can you imagine Hollywood best 1950 s musicals without Norma Jean s voice, or late 1950 s comedies without her incredibly charismatic and sizzling humor. Maybe you re stuck with her Playboy s centerfold when she was not yet famous, but don t get tricked: Norma Jean was much, much more than that. You don t get so much attention from Camelot, anyway, if you re not a magnetic diva like she was. These tunes, taken from the motion pictures she starred in, or simply resulting from “staged” happenings like the infamous, nude look performance of Happy Birthday, Mr. President that still generates some heart failures, are some of the best performances of this never forgotten lady, also known as the quintessence of men s desire.

Track listing - Side A: 1. Diamonds Are A Girl s Best Friend 2. My Heart Belongs To Daddy 3. I-m Thru With Love 4. When Love Goes Wrong, Nothing Goes Right (with Jane Russell) 5. Bye Bye Baby (with Jane Russell) 6. A Fine Romance Side B: 1. She Acts Like A Woman Should 2. Kiss 3. Do It Again 4. After You Get What You Want (You Don-t Want It) 5. You-d Be Surprised 6. River Of No Return 7. Happy Birthday, Mr. President


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