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JOHN S CHILDREN Jagged Time Lapse

Format: 180 gram LP with printed inner sleeve

Barcode: 889397900700

The band that was louder than the Who and who became one of the earliest examples of psychedelic flower power. You will find MARC BOLAN (T.Rex) at his loaduest all over this and our other J.C. releases. Everything you-ll want from one of Britain-s most rambunctious bands. In fact, the band s stage show, which included band members fighting each other and Bolan whipping the stage with a chain, was a huge influence on punk rock. Many cuts are penned (and performed) by Marc Bolan. Bonus tracks include a cover of The Beatles- Help. Includes J. C. favorites such as: Desdemona (which was banned by the BBC due to its controversial lyrics), Midsummer Night-s Scene and Go-Go Girl.

Track listing - Side A : 1. Desdemona 2. Remember Thomas A Beckett 3. It-s Been a Long Time 4. Arthur Green 5. Midsummer Night-s Scene 6. Sarah Crazy Child 7. Jagged Time Lapse Side B: 1. Go-Go Girl 2. Come & Play With Me in the Garden 3. Perfumed Garden of Gulliver Smith (Inst) 4. Midsummer Nights Scene (Alt. Version) 5. Not the Sort of Girl You Take to Bed (Alt. Version) 6. Help 7. Casbah Candy


: 45


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