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OZRIC TENTACLES Sliding Gliding Worlds + 9 bonus

format: 2LP 180 gram contains 9 bonus tracks, see liner notes

barcode: 8013252900488

By the time Sliding Gliding Worlds was released in 1988, the British based Ozrics had already garnered a huge cult following, climbing to fame with a series of self-produced cassette tapes.

Borrowing the idea from the bands of the sixties that music is somehow related to the cosmic realm, the Ozrics became a kind of leader of a new British psychedelic movement. Strictly instrumental, but with a sense of humour, the band creates a kind of eastern twinged space rock, using keyboards and synthesizers, on the one hand, and flutes, xylophones and recorders on the other, for a kind of east meets west where bands like Gong immediately jump to mind. This edition contains 9 bonus tracks from 1986 s cassette There is Nothing.

Track listing Side A: 1. Yaboop Yaboop 2. Soda Water 3. The Code For Chickendon 4. Guzzard 5. The Dusty Pouch 6. Sliding And Gliding 7. Loaf Jaw Side B: 1. Kick Muck 2. It s A Hup Ho World 3. Atmospheric Underslunky 4. (Omnidirectional) Bhadra 5. Fetch Me The Pongmaster 6. Mae Hong Song Side C: 1. White Rhino Tea 2. The Green Island Bonus Tracks: 3. Imhotep 4. Thrashing Breath Texture 5. Crab Nebula Side D: 1. The Sacred Turf 2. O-I 3. Jabular 4. Travelling The Great Circle 5. Invisible Carpet 6. Kola B Pep


: 45


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