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Format: 180 gram LP

Barcode: 889397900601

Taking the essence of the hippy / psych movement of the 1960s, the DIY spirit of punk rock and elements of new age, the Ozric Tentacles, beginning in 1983, began dominating the British underground with their own unique style of instrumental space rock. The band gained popularity playing the festival circuit and releasing self-produced cassette tapes to an ever increasing number of fans. By 1991 they had amassed a huge following and had become gurus for a new generation of hippies, aka the crusties. Despite their managing to stay below the radar for most of their musical career, by 1991 they had become so popular that they attracted interest of record labels in the US.

The album that finally brought the Ozrics to American audiences (via a contract with Capitol) was 1991 s Strangeitude, an album that despite its musical complexity still manages to have widespread appeal, due to the shear genius of its musicianship, use of intstruments, and the band s ability to build a compelling parallel universe. Includes two bonus tracks: Throbbe and Weirditude.

Track listing - Side A: 1. White Rhino Tea 2. Sploosh! 3. Saucers 4. Strangeitude Side B: 1. Bizarre Bazaar 2. Space Between Your Ears 3. Throbbe (Bonus) 4. Weirditude (Bonus)


: 45


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