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KISS - Ace Frehley

Picture LP 180 gram
UPC 8013252911415
One of the most influential rock and roll bands of all-time, their outrageous costumes and stage shows along with hard rockers like Rock And Roll All Nite defined an era and transformed rock & roll forever. On the same day in October 1978 all four members of Kiss simultaneously released their own solo albums. Kiss was by this point at their peak, having been voted the most popular band in the USA the previous year, they were topping the charts and playing to arena sized crowds with the Kiss Army well into the hundreds of thousands. With so much success behind the band, these four albums were not meant to launch actual solo careers, rather to give an individual musical face to each member. While Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley basically stick with the standard Kiss format, the music on Gene Simmons and Peter Criss albums probably had Kiss fans asking what are they on?not necessarily in a negative way, (with Simmons album featuring some Beatles-esque pop & a cover of When You Wish Upon A Star). The original four picture discs are highly sought after and collectible. Exact replicas of the originals.
Track listing: Side A 1. Rip It Out 2.Speedin Back To My Baby 3. Snow Blind 4. Ozone 5. What s On Your Mind? Side B 1. New York Groove 2. I m In Need Of Love 3. Wiped-Out 4. Fractured Mirror


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