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TIM HARDIN 3 - Live In Concert

format: gatefold LP
UPC: 8013252911811 (LP)
Recorded at Town Hall, New York City in 1968, this high quality live recording captures Tim Hardin at his peak, playing a mix of favorites along with some new material. Although Hardin never achieved mainstream success, his unique voice made him one of the most talented & influential singer-songwriters of the period. This reissue on double album features a regular black vinyl album 1 and a white vinyl with Lilith logo on center on three sided album 2. Track listing: 1. The Lady Came From Baltimore 2. Reason To Believe 3. You Upset The Grace Of Living When You Lie 4. Misty Roses 5. Turn The Page 6. Black Sheep Boy 7. Lenny s Tune 8. Don t Make Promises 9. Danville Dame 10. If I Were A Carpenter 11. Red Balloon 12. Tribute To Hank Williams 13. Smugglin  Man 14. If I Knew 15. Last Sweet Moment 16. First Love Song


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