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Mario Nascimbene - L Eneide

CD digipack
UPC: 8013252017926
Mario Nascimbene s music for the 1971 hit TV series of Virgil s immortal epic, the Aeneid, is not so much a comment on the scenic action, as a study of sounds and themes used to emphasize the psychological nature of the various characters. Amidst instrumental and vocal sounds (including the splendid voice of Olga Karlatos) an extremely new and intriguing concept in film music of the sixties / seventies is born. The viola of Dino Asciollawarm and vibratingmanages to transport the listener into an ocean of sound of rare intensity. The splendid and sensible conducting skills of Maestro Carlo Savina add (especially in the five voice canon, a reinterpretation of antique and archaic melodies) a certain expressive luster that makes Mario Nascimbene s new sounds a confirmation of his great artistic genius. Track listing L Eneide Seq. 1 [Canto di Didone] - L Eneide Seq. 2 [Titoli di testa] - L Eneide Seq. 3 [L incendio di Troia] - L Eneide Seq. 4 [Sbarco a Cartagine/L incontro di Enea con Didone] - L Eneide Seq. 5 [L amore di Didone ed Enea] - L Eneide Seq. 6 [Navigazione/Morte di Anchise] - L Eneide Seq. 7 [La peste a Creta] - L Eneide Seq. 8 [Palinuro] - L Eneide Seq. 9 [Polidoro] - L Eneide Seq. 10 [Morte di Didone] - L Eneide Seq. 11 [Canzone di Lavinia] - L Eneide Seq. 12 [Tema del Fato] - L Eneide Seq. 13 [Duello tra Enea e Turno] - L Eneide Seq. 14 [Canto di Didone]


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