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CHARLEY PATTON Electrically Recorded: Prayer Of Death

Format: LP
Barcode: 8013252453045
From the granddaddy of Delta blues comes this incredible compilation of his greatest songs. Charley Patton s influence on music cannot be overstated. He began playing music around 1900 and by the time he was 19, about a decade later, he had already written his most popular tune Pony Blues and was on his way to becoming the first superstar of the Delta Blues and a household name. He was soon the most requested performer all over the South and influenced many young musicians, like Howlin Wolf, John Lee Hooker and Robert Johnson, to name a few. But it was not only his mastery of the guitar and incredible vocal style that gained him popularity. His rock star-style showmanship and stage antics like playing guitar down on his knees or behind his back with a girl on each arm and drink in hand after the show, made him the idol of young would-be musicians (and non) everywhere he played. And like a true rock star, by age 42 he was dead, which of course, only fuelled his fame. Track listing - Side A: 1. Pony Blues 2. A Spoonful Blues 3. Down The Dirt Road Blues 4. Prayer Of Death, Pt. 1 5. Prayer Of Death, Pt. 1 6. Screamin & Hollerin The Blues 7. Banty Rooster Blues Side B: 1. Tom Rushen Blues 2. It Won t Be Long 3. Shake It & Break It (But Don t Let It Fall Mama) 4. Pea Vine Blues 5. Mississippi Boweavil Blues 6. Lord I m Discouraged 7. I m Goin Home


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