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QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE “Live At The Carousel Ballroom, S. Francisco 1968”

Format: 180 gram 2LP

Barcode: 889397900731

One of the best bands live ever, QMS were ready to record much before their eponymous debut in 1968. The acid psych combo formed by John Cipollina, Gary Duncan, Jim Murray, David Freiberg and Gary Elmore had been active in West Coast venues and live festivals since 1965, mainly as a jam session band with long lasting performances in the typical pre hippy Bay Area style. This April 1968 concert at the Carousel Ballroom, performed a month before their vinyl debut, unveils the mesmerizing and hypnotic power that the band was developing at this early stage. Amazing audio quality for a double album that will disappoint neither core fans nor newcomers.

Track listing - Side A: 1. Back Door Man 2. Light Your Windows 3. Who Do You Love Side B: 1. Babe I m Gonna Leave You 2. Walking Blues 3. The Fool Side C: 1. Jam Part 1 Side D: 1. Jam Part 2


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