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AFFINITY – “Affinity (+ 8 bonus tracks)”

Format: gatefold 2LP 180 gram

Cat. No.:  LR145DLP

UPC -  2LP: 8013252914515

Formed in 1970, Affinity broke the British jazz-rock mold by combining the hauntingly powerful vocals of Linda Hoyle (lauded by critics as the British Grace Slick) and the Hammond wizardry of Lynton Naiff (considered the rising star of jazz-pop in the style of Brian Auger) with convincing elements of psych and blues, often close to that of Julie Driscoll & the Trinity. Unfortunately, despite the critical acclaim the band received at the time, they only stayed around long enough to release one LP. Featuring 8 rare tracks, not found on their original LP, including two tracks from their rare single and two tracks from their 1969 EMI acetate.

Track listing - Side A: 1. I Am and So Are You 2. Night Flight 3. I Wonder If I Care as Much 4. Mr. Joy Side B: 1. Three Sisters 2. Coconut Grove 3. All Along The Watchtower Side C - Bonus tracks: 1. Eli s Coming (Laura Nyro) 2. United States Of Mind (Alan Hull) 3. Yes Man 4. If You Live Side D: 1. I Am The Walrus 2. You Met Your Match 3. Long Voyage 4. Little Lonely Man


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