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Format: 2LP 180 gram

Barcode: 8013252900518

The British one hit wonder who in the mid sixties topped the charts with the classic “You Were On My Mind” and then 1966-s “Pied Piper,” which became a global smash hit and is still remembered as one of the defining songs of an era. Many had St. Peters pegged to become the new Tom Jones, but after just a few hits he completely dropped off the radar. Besides these two songs, he is also remembered for some comments he made about being better than the Beatles, claiming at one point to have written dozens of songs, all better than anything McCartney or Lennon had ever written. An incredible retrospective on a superior quality double LP set.

Track listing Side A: 1. You Were On My Mind 2. The Pied Piper 3. Changes 4. Your Love Has Gone 5. Jilly Honey 6. When We Meet 7. My Little Brown Eyes Side B: 1. It s A Funny Feeling 2. So Long 3. But She s Untrue 4. Goodbye To You 5. Willingly 6.Without You 7. That s The Way I Feel Side C: 1. That Little Chain 2. What I m Gonna Be 3. Sweet Dawn My True Love 4. Almost Persuaded 5. I m Always Crying 6. No Longer Mine 7. Your Ever Changin Mind Side D: 1. You Have Gone 2. Free Spirit 3. At This Moment 4. Goodbye You ll Forget Me 5. No No No 6. Three Goodbyes 7. That s The Time


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