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ANNE BRIGGS Nottinghamshire Tales

Format: 180 gram LP

Barcode: 889397900564

There are few female folk singers with the natural talent of Anne Briggs, and although she never became a major star (mostly because she wasn t interested) it is difficult to overstate her influence on the British folk scene of the 60s and 70s. (i.e. Pentangle, Fairport Convention). Discovered in a local club in 1962 before she had even turned 18, she was soon touring all over the British Isles, living the troubador s life and influencing a generation of young folk musicians wherever she went. She went on to release three solo albums between 1971 and 1973 before tragically abandoning the music scene forever. Brilliant musicians who walk away from their career at their creative peak are few and far between (remember Cat Stevens?), but that is exactly what Anne Briggs did...and fans and fellow musicians have been begging her to go back into the recording studio ever since!

This is her third and last solo album, recorded in 1973 and finally released in the 90s as Sing A Song For You. Anne was pregnant for her second child at the time of these recordings and already living off the coast of Scotland in the Hebrides islands, as far from the London music scene as possible! Not surprisingly, given Briggs talent, the album has since become known as lost classic. Accompanied by Ragged Robin a folk rock band assembled by Steve Ashley (with Richard Byers on mandolin and lead guitar, Brian Diprose on bass, and John Thompson on drums), these brilliant versions of British folk standards and original material, are delivered with the kind of rare sincerity and natural vocal ability that slices through time, straight to the soul.

Track listing - Side A: 1. Hills Of Greenmor 2. Sing a Song For You 3. Sovay 4. i Thought I Saw You Again 5. Summer s in Side B: 1. Travelling s Easy 2. The Bonambuie 3.Tongue In Cheek 4. Bird In The Bush 5. Sullivan s John


: 45


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